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The Cosentino Group and Monica Förster Collaborate at Stockholm Design Week 2015

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The Spanish world leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, the Cosentino Group has collaborated with the Monica Förster Design Studio, during Stockholm Design Week 2015. The first collaboration, Twilight is a collection of table accessories and outdoor candleholders, which are made of Dekton and will be presented in an exhibition at Bianchi Café & Cycles in Stockholm.

In 2014, the Cosentino Group launched Dekton; a material with huge potential for the architecture and design field. Dekton’s unique resistance to heat and thermal shock has inspired the designer to create the collection. “Dekton feels like a Hi-Tec, futuristic material. The material’s unique qualities; its resistance to heat, thermal shock and the fact that it is ultra compact makes it a very exciting material for me as a designer to explore. We have therefore created a collection which is based on these qualities”, explains Monica Förster.

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Twilight consists of two families, Tealight and Moonlight. Tealight is a collection of trays with an integrated tealight holder to create ambiance. Moonlight, is a range of candleholders in two sizes that highlights the contrast between light and shadow. The Moonlight collection is made of three different shaped sides that interact with each other. This creates a movement that makes the object look different depending on which angle you are viewing it from. By turning the torch holders, it is possible to create numerous variations within the world of illumination.

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Since Dekton is extremely compact, it is easy to wipe clean if it gets dirty by the smoke from the outdoor candles. The products are made in 8 mm and 12 mm Dekton in the colours Irok, Zenith, Domoos and Sirocco. 

Twilight is designed for Bianchi Café & Cycles in a collaboration between the Cosentino Group, Monica Förster Design Studio and Stengruppen. The installation, designed by Monica Förster Design Studio, is open to the public until 20 February at Bianchi Café & Cycles terrace in central Stockholm. In February 2015, Monica Förster was awarded Designer of the Year by Elle Decoration.

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